Little Cooks Co Subscription Box Review

We do quite a lot of baking together, even more so this year. Most of the time I enjoy it but, I’ll be honest, sometimes it can be really stressful! There’s little arguments about who gets to weigh out the ingredients, and who has stirred the mix for the longest. It can also get really messy when we’re weighing and measuring everything. I have seen adverts for the Little Cooks Co subscription box and really wanted to do a review. I am now an affiliate for their kids cooking subscription boxes and I was gifted one of their boxes to try out for ourselves.

The kits are aimed at children aged 3 – 10 years. Obviously, younger children will need more help with the baking than the older ones. They’re sent out via Royal Mail and should fit through your letter box, so no worries about missing your delivery.

What’s in the box?

Little Cooks Co review | Children's baking and cooking subscription box | Teach children to cook | Free Time with the Kids

Hubby tends to focus on the savoury cooking and I’m all about the sweet. Thankfully the box covers both options. There are all dry the ingredients you’ll need to make one recipe (in our case rocky road), and a recipe for another (cauliflower cheese bites). Included in the box was also a packet of alfalfa seeds for us to grow. My box was missing the instructions on how to grow them so there was some frantic Googling to figure that out. IF I’d thought about it I would have just emailed them to get the instructions! What I quite like about the seeds is that it helps show the kids the link between the things they can grow and the things they can eat. They’re currently sprouting in the corner!

You’ll also find an individual record book where your child can makes notes about what they’ve made, why it’s healthy, rate it and draw a pic. There was a pencil, some table-talk cards and a seasonal heroes chart. I really liked this as it’s a brilliant way of focusing on eating fruit and veg when it’s actually in season. The aim is to choose three new foods each month and try to include them in your meals. You can find lots of recipes on their website to help with that.

Our Little Cooks Co recipe – Rocky road

When I first saw that our Little Cooks Co recipe was going to be rocky road I got very excited. I make an awesome version with ginger nut biscuits, Maltesers and about 1,000,000 calories. This version is a little bit different, and significantly healthier. The one thing I haven’t mentioned so far in this review of the Little Cooks Co subscription box is that they are all about creating healthy meals with the kids. There is no refined sugar, no wheat and, when they have to include diary, there’s always a dairy-free alternative suggested. When I first looked at the ingredients I got a little bit worried. Would I actually like it without all the calorie laden goodies I’d normally expect? I was sceptical but really keen to try it out.

Little Cooks Co review | Children's baking and cooking subscription box | Teach children to cook | Free Time with the Kids

The other card recipe in the box is for cauliflower cheese bites. This one doesn’t come with any of the dry ingredients, but it’s another healthy but tasty recipe for you to cook together. The recipe card is in the same, really easy to follow format as the sweet recipe is.

Ready, steady, bake

There were a couple of additional ingredients that we needed in order to make the rocky roads. Everything else is weighed out for you. It just makes the whole process sooooooo much easier. There were zero arguments about who got to do what, and much less mess than when we normally bake. The recipe cards are incredibly easy for the kids to follow. I can honestly say that making this Little Cooks Co recipe was the least hands-on I’ve ever been when baking. Biggest Child (11) and Smallest Child (3) just got on and did everything. I only had to step in with the earliest stages of the blender when there were technical issues.

Little Cooks Co review | Children's baking and cooking subscription box | Teach children to cook | Free Time with the Kids

It’s my bad, but the kids had never seen dried dates before so there was a lot of talk about what the hell they were. They also questioned why the apricots weren’t orange like “our” dried apricots normally are. Answer there’s no sulphur. Neither of the kids knew what buckwheat was, even though they had both eaten it as babies. It was nice to be able to chat about new ingredients, rather than the standard butter, sugar, flour, eggs that we usually use.

The taste test

Little Cooks Co review | Children's baking and cooking subscription box | Teach children to cook | Free Time with the Kids

As I mentioned before, the lack of chocolate in the Rocky Roads had been a bit concerning, as well as the lack of biscuit. I let the kids try them first because I really was unsure. I WAS WRONG!!! They were really nice and so chocolate-y. A little bit on the bitter side for me, but still tasty. Normally I don’t like dark chocolate at all, BUT the honey and dried fruits balanced out the bitterness of the cocoa well. So much so, I’ve had three! Hubby and the kids really liked them. Most importantly, they were really keen to try them, even though some of the ingredients were new to them. I guess that’s what these boxes are all about.

After we’d finished making (and trying) the recipe in our Little Cooks Co subscription box we filled out our record book. It’s a nice way of reinforcing the skills that they had practised, and finding out what they really thought of the recipe!

A quick word about the packaging

It’s not just the organic ingredients that are better for the environment. Everything in the box is recyclable. All of the ingredients are wrapped in compostable packaging too. If you’re worried about allergies then the recipes include clear allergy labelling. They’re also wheat (and potentially diary) free recipes. All of the food is organic and they avoid preservatives. With this in mind, the shelf life of the boxes is relatively short – usually a few months.

Our Little Cooks Co Subscription Box Review

I was impressed with how much easier it was to bake using this box vs our normal mess explosions (think GBBO Laura levels of mess). Plus the kids could be totally self sufficient. I think, even if you’re not keen on baking yourself, it’s a great way to get the kids cooking. The fact the ingredients are so healthy is a massive plus too. Now I have a new way of making rocky roads without all the guilt!!!

We were gifted a Little Cooks Co subscription box to review as part of their affiliate programme. You can either buy a subscription for yourself, or gift one! Plans are available for 1, 3, 6 & 12 months with prices starting from £8.33 per box. Click the banner below to find out more and order your own box. Plus you can save 25% off your first box. This is an affiliate link so I earn a small commission for any purchases made using the link, but there is no charge to you.

If you’re looking for ways to keep the kids entertained then have a look at the at home sections of the website by clicking here.

Little Cooks Co review | Children's baking and cooking subscription box | Teach children to cook | Free Time with the Kids

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