How to save money on family days out – 9 top tips

If you subscribe to my blog then you’ll know I’m all about getting the best possible value for money for all our family days out. As I write this, the summer holidays are about to start and so will the cost of finding things to do with the kids! (pssst you can find my summer holidays 2019 what’s on guide for Buckinghamshire here.)

To do all the days out that we do as a family (and that I review on this blog) I have to find ways of keeping them cheap, so here are my top tips to having cheap family days out

Tip 1 – Take a packed lunch

How to save money on family days out | 9 top tips | Cliveden
A perfect place for a picnic – Cliveden in Bucks

This applies for holidays as well as family days out. Buying a family lunch can easily cost £30 – £40, and that’s on top of any admission costs. We have a trusty, but now very well-loved, Trespass picnic backpack and it has saved us a fortune over the years. In my opinion a backpack is much better than a picnic bag as it’s easier to carry around and you’re less inclined to leave it at home.

Case in point, we forgot to take it with us when we went to Cornwall for the Easter weekend and we spent at least £100 more on food in just a couple of days than we normally do. When I went to Blenheim Palace the other week I left our lovely, home-made packed lunch on the side in the kitchen. Nearly £20 later for just smallest child and I to have lunch and I really wished I’d remembered it.

Tip 2 – And the water

Don’t forget your own drinks too. You can pay a small fortune for bottled water, or you could bring your own bottle! Plus it’s better for the environment. Win-win.

Tip 3 – Use your memberships

It seems that most of us have at least one family membership, annual membership or some kind of discount scheme kicking around somewhere. But how often do people use them to their full potential, even the expensive ones?? We’ve got lots of memberships and discount cards – it’s how we managed to visit Hampton Court Palace, the Mary Rose, Kenilworth Castle AND Charlecote Park for just £40 for 4 people.

If you are a member of the National Trust, English Heritage, CSSC, have kids with a Blue Peter Badge or any other schemes then always have a look around to see where you can get into for free or at a discount. If you work in the public sector then I’d definitely recommend joining CSSC. You get free entry to English Heritage sites and places like Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London.

Just make sure you don’t leave them languishing in a drawer somewhere. Keep them all together, including any tickets for places where the tickets are valid for a year. When you’re looking for something to do just go through them all and see what you fancy.

How to save money on family days out | 9 Top tips | Membership cards
These were just the membership cards I could find!

Psssst. If you’re interested in joining English Heritage and visiting over 400 places for free, you can save 15% by using the code EH2019 at the checkout. Click the link to become a member.

(affiliate link)

Tip 4 – Don’t discount free family days out

Find out what places you can visit for free in your local area. There’s probably more than you think. It could be countryside walks, museums, places where you only have to pay for parking, parks or any of a whole range of family days out. If you live in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire or the surrounding counties have a look at my Free to Visit and Just Pay for Parking sections for inspiration.

Tip 5 – Have a rainy day back-up

How to save money on family days out | 9 Top tips | Splashing in puddles

After weeks of lovely weather it’s going to be a bit rubbish for the next few days, just as some schools finish for the summer holidays! It’s always seemed to me that anywhere that is mainly indoors is also really expensive. Find out what options you have locally that are free or cheap and stick a list on the fridge so it’s there when you need it. Desperately searching for “cheap things to do indoors” on a soggy Monday afternoon whilst you have kids moaning that they’re bored is never fun. Most museums are free to visit; even if they’re small they might have events on that can bulk out a day trip. One of my favourite free indoors family days out is the RAF Museum in London. It’s massive, you’ll spend hours there, it’s mostly indoors and if the weather does improve there’s a lovely, themed play area.

Tip 6 – Never pay full price for a day out

In addition to the memberships I mentioned in Tip 3, you should never pay full price for a family day out. Think “How can I get a discounted day out?” Your employers might run discount schemes such as Perkbox and some places offer discounts for NHS/military staff etc.

Have a look at supermarket loyalty schemes as well, you might be able to trade points for admission. Don’t forget to keep an eye Groupon as well – they might have some deals nearby. Search for discount codes or discounts on the attraction’s website. You’ll often be able to get a discount on tickets booked in advance. If you’re shopping in a supermarket, have a look at the leaflet stands as well. There’s usually some really good local attractions to be found and quite often the leaflets have discounts.

You could also try something like Kids Pass (affiliate link). They’re doing a summer holiday trial – just £1 for 40 days membership. You’ll get up to 65% discounts on lots of family days out, including some really big names and other things like food and cinema tickets . There’s also an app so you can find discounts when you’re on the move.

Kids Pass £1 for 40 days trial.

Tip 8 – Check out the local councils

All across our area local and district councils organise regular free events, particularly during school holidays. I’m lucky in Aylesbury that Aylesbury Town Council are hosting lots of big, free events, but they’re not alone. Don’t forget to search for all the town and county councils in your area and do a facebook search as well for events.

Tip 9 – Family Day Trips are Cheaper as a Group

If you cannot get a discount to the place you want to visit how about going with friends? When we visited Cadbury World we saved £5 per family using a family ticket cleverly. Our (then) smallest children were under 4 so we qualified for a 2A, 2C family ticket and each half cost less than the price of buying individual tickets. Group travel works really well for train tickets too. Two families of four can save almost half if travelling as a group. Pop in to your local train station to see what you could save. Finally take advantage of group discounts. If you’re visiting somewhere as a family then it doesn’t take many families to count as a group (which usually start at 10 people). Group discounts can be quite substantial so it’s absolutely worth the hassle of trying to co-ordinate diaries.

There are also the logistical benefits of group day trips, especially if you’re the only parent going on. Having someone else who can watch the kids whilst you nip to the loo/stand in the queue/find whatever one of them has dropped is invaluable.

I hope you all have a lovely summer holiday with the kids. I won’t say relaxing because of course it won’t be. I’d love to hear about your adventures and money saving tips – just leave a comment below. I’ll be posting regularly about our days out over the holidays as well so make sure you sign up to the newsletter to hear about the reviews (and discounts) first.

How to save money on family days out | 9 Top tips

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