Creation Station Thame Family Fun Sessions Review

If you think that an online craft session won’t be as much fun as a face-to-face one you’re not alone. Creation Station in Thame invited us to try out one of their new online family fun craft sessions, and they proved me wrong!! We joined in with their online wizard school. The family fun sessions are suitable for ages 2 – 11 – only the boys tried this class out (8 & 10).

The resources

The Creation Station Thame online family fun craft sessions | Free Time with the Kids

The resources to take part on the online craft session where delivered a few days before the actual session itself. I kept the contents of the box a surprise. However, there was a letter for the kids inviting them to join in. It was in the style of a Hogwarts invitation letter and so the boys LOVED it. There were enough resources to make four activities.

The online craft session

There were about 12 other families on the zoom call. There was plenty of interaction with other children, without it being chaotic. The first make of the session was a house crest. The kids had to decide which animal they wanted to put on their crest, design it and come up with the characteristics of their house. Biggest child cracked on with it straight away. Middle Child was a little bit more cautious and really took his time to make sure he was doing it right. It was a nice ice breaker activity as the kids could show some of their passion about Harry Potter.

Online Harry Potter craft sessions | Free Time with the Kids

One thing I really liked about the way that Emma ran the online craft session is that she was able to keep everyone engaged and involved throughout. Possibly it helped that she had her own children taking part (but I’ll be trying out the toddler session next week so I’ll know for sure then! You can read the full review here). The kids were all really keen to show off what they had done, and how they were getting on, which was really nice to see.

The other craft activities

The Creation Station Thame online family fun craft sessions | Free Time with the Kids

The other activities that were included in the session were making a wand, a spell book and a golden snitch. Each of the crafts had multiple variations available so the kids could add their own flourish, just like they would have done in a normal Creation Station family fun session.

I was impressed not just with the quality of the resources on offer, but also the creativity. I’ve made chopstick wands before but this one was MUCH better! Emma had provided three different “cores” to build the wand around. There was silk clay to make the main part of the wand and then foam clay to make the hilt. They are currently drying out but I’m sure the kids will have just as much fun playing with them tomorrow as they had making them today.

The Creation Station Thame online family fun craft sessions | Free Time with the Kids

The final two craft activities were the spell book and the crafts. We all missed the fact that the gold tissue paper was meant for the snitch (which actually should have been obvious). Middle Child accidentally used it for the spell book instead. Thankfully Biggest Child could give him some of his own.

What the boys thought of the Creation Station Thame online sessions

Throughout the session the boys kept saying how much they were enjoying what they were doing. As soon as Emma mentioned that there was a Christmas session coming up they both whispered to me that they wanted to do it. If that’s not a ringing endorsement then I don’t know what is!!! I think they really liked that they were doing something in the comfort of their own home, but with other children as well.

Harry Potter online craft sessions | Free Time with the Kids

Our Creation Station Online Family Fun sessions review

As I mentioned, I was really impressed with the quality of the resources that were included with the pack. There was just the right amount of activities to fill the 90 minutes session (although Middle Child did finish off his crest later). Emma did a brilliant job at filling the gaps whilst the children were working. It didn’t feel forced and she seemed genuinely interested in what they were doing. I imagine this is exactly what it’s like during the face-to-face sessions. It translated into an online session really well.

Because we had been gifted the session I didn’t actually know how much it cost before I started. I had a look afterwards and was very pleasantly surprised. The session we took part in was just £8. Considering all the resources I thought that was very good value for money. We’re actually going to book into the Christmas online session. I also can’t wait to try out one of the face-to-face sessions.


The cost of the online sessions varies. The online wizards school was £8 per child. The Christmas session will be £10. The box can be posted out to you so it doesn’t actually matter if you’re not within the Creation Station Thame catchment area!

If you’re looking for craft activities to do at home with the kids have a look at the crafts section of the website.

The Creation Station Thame online family fun craft sessions | Free Time with the Kids

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