Chocolate covered apple slices

I’m going to let you into a weird little secret of mine. Although I love apples, I hate biting into a whole apple. There’s something about teeth hitting the skin of the apple that makes my skin crawl! I just have to cut them up. One of my more random foibles. Anyway, chocolate covered apple slices are easy for the kids to make, even little mouths can eat them and I won’t get freaked out by having to bite into a whole apple! Here’s how to make them:


To make the chocolate covered apple slices you’ll need: apples (the variety doesn’t matter as long as they are eating apples), chocolate (use decent chocolate – you are going to be eating it after all!), a variety of sprinkles, lemon juice, lolly sticks, grease-proof paper and kitchen roll. We used four apples and 400g Cadbury’s dairy milk and 200g milkybar. A fair amount of that didn’t make it onto the apples though – the kids got there first!! I can neither confirm or deny if I finished the bowl off!

Chocolate covered apple slices recipe | Free Time with the Kids


Because these are chocolate covered apple slices rather than chocolate apples you’ll need to stop the apples from browning otherwise they’ll taste horrid. Core and chop the apples into 8ths. Push firmly onto a lolly stick without pushing it out the side of the apple. Put the apple slices into a glass and cover with lemon juice. Leave them for about 5 minutes then pat them completely dry. If you don’t dry them off completely they could curdle the chocolate. And no-one wants curdled chocolate!!!

Chocolate covered apple slices recipe | Free Time with the Kids

Decorating the chocolate apple slices

If you have the time and resources you could use a proper chocolate melting pot, or you could melt the chocolate over a saucepan of boiling water. These will both give you the best results. We melted ours in the microwave because I was being a bit lazy that day! Oops. If you are using this method, make sure it is properly melted otherwise it will cool down too quickly and get too gloopy. You can always pop it back in the microwave again if the consistency isn’t right.

The prettiest way to get the chocolate onto the apples is to fully submerge the apple slices in the melted chocolate. That does mean the chocolate needs to been quite deep though. You can also simply spoon it onto the apples as well. It’s less even but gets the job done.

Then all you need to do is cover the chocolate in whatever sprinkles you have to hand. You can either put them on the paper first, and then just decorate the one side OR you can hold the slice over a plate and decorate both sides before putting onto the paper. Whichever method you use, it’s going to get messy so aprons on!

Toddler cooking activities | Free Time with the Kids
As you can see from the half-eaten apple slice, Smallest Child wasn’t too keen on waiting for them to set before eating!!


Refrigerate the chocolate covered apple slices until the chocolate has set, then eat straight from the fridge. Even though you’ve used the lemon juice, they don’t last forever so I’d recommend eating them on the day you make them.

How to make chocolate covered apple slices | Kid friendly recipe | Free Time with the Kids

And that’s it. A really simple and yummy way to keep the kids entertained. For other autumn craft ideas have a look here.

How to make chocolate covered apple slices | Kid friendly recipe | Free Time with the Kids

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