Toilet Roll Firework Craft

This toilet roll firework craft is based on the toddler kite we made back in the winter. It’s very easy for even the youngest children to do – and older kids can make their own, more elaborate versions too. Smallest Child loves playing with the firework, flying it around the lounge on its stick! It should take between 15 & 30 minutes to make this toilet roll firework craft

What you’ll need

Toilet roll firework craft | easy craft activities for kids | Free Time with the Kids

To make the toilet roll firework you’ll need a toilet roll tube (not a kitchen roll tube though), a circle of card, tissue paper in various colours, PVA glue, two large lolly sticks, two standard ones and hot glue.

How to make the firework craft using toilet roll tubes

Use the PVA glue to stick small pieces of tissue paper over the toilet roll tube. Continue until the whole thing is covered. Set aside to dry.

Draw around the base of a pint glass on a piece of card, cut out the circle. Make a cut into the centre of the circle and make a cone shape. Glue in place (hot glue is by far the fastest way to do this).

Toilet roll firework craft | easy craft activities for kids | Free Time with the Kids

Put two large lolly sticks end to end. Using hot glue stick one smaller lolly stick over the top of the two sticks so they form one, long stick. Glue another standard lolly stick onto the back to make it stronger.

Next, cut long strips of tissue paper in various colours. Glue these to the inside of one end of the toilet roll tube. These will form the tails of your firework.

Use hot glue to secure the stick you’ve made from lolly sticks to the inside of the tube. Hot glue won’t stick if it’s wet. You’ll need to either glue it above where you’ve attached the firework tails or wait until the PVA has dried. This will be the handle that allows you to fly the firework around.

Allow everything to dry and then have fun! If you have enjoyed making this toilet roll firework craft have a look at some other autumn craft ideas by clicking here. All of the craft resources that have been used in this post have been purchased from Baker Ross. You can browse their full range of craft resources and activity packs here (affiliate link).

Toilet roll firework craft | easy craft activities for kids | Free Time with the Kids

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