The Phoenix Comic Review

We have subscribed to the Phoenix Comic for a few years now. Originally we got it for Biggest Child, but now Middle Child is very much a fan as well. We must have hundreds of copies of The Phoenix Comic in this house. Honestly, they’re everywhere!!!

The Phoenix Comic review | Weekly children's subscription magazine | Free Time with the Kids

What is the Phoenix Comic?

The Phoenix Comic is a weekly comic for children aged 7 – 14 years. They’re actually a local company, based in Oxford and their comics are genius! It’s probably not the type of comic you’re thinking though, it’s nothing like Beano or Dandy. There’s the fantastic Corpse Talk (where the interviewer digs up famous people and asks them questions). My sons have learned so much about science and some incredible women in history from Corpse Talk. Other titles include Bunny Vs Monkey, Mega Robo Bros, Tamsin and the Deep and Von Doogan.

Like any good weekly kids magazine there’s games, competitions and fan art. The boys have submitted a couple of things to The FanFare – still not made it into the comic yet though!

Phoenix comics are amazing books and if your kids read them they’ll have intense imaginations afterwards. Everyone should subscribe to the Phoenix.

Middle Child (aged 8)

I love the Phoenix because it’s a wacky, funny, really cool comic. If you read it every week you’ll be transported to the weird world of Looshkin, the amazing universe of Legacy and the zany adventures of Bunny and Monkey. Plus there are fun challenges every week.

Biggest Child (aged 10)

How much does it cost?

A subscription to the Phoenix costs £9.99 per month. Currently there’s an offer on the website to get 6 weeks for £1. You can also buy individual copies from WHSmith.

That’s not all though. We have got loads of the spin-off graphic novels dotted all over the house as well. Plus there’s clothing and other merch available.

Is The Phoenix Comic a good subscription for kids?

Yes. Yes and Yes. The boys absolutely love it and get really cross if it’s late for any reason. They must have read every issue dozens of times, but they’re still happy to read them again and again. I think they’d rather get rid of their lego than their Phoenix Comics!!!

If you’re looking for children’s subscriptions then make sure you have a look at the online and postal subscriptions section of the website.

The Phoenix Comic review | Weekly children's subscription magazine | Free Time with the Kids

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