Review of the Karaoke Pod at Rogue Leisure

I cannot figure out why James Corden hasn’t been in touch. The kids and I would be awesome on car pool karaoke. I’m almost certain my long suffering hubby would agree; we rock! I’ve worked with Rogue Leisure before when I did a review of their soft play and when they got in touch about their brand new karaoke pod I was very excited! It opens on the 20th December and we were the very first people to try it out!

If you’ve never been to Rogue they’re in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. They have a bowling alley, go-kart track, loads of arcade games and their under 7’s soft play area ‘Lil Rogues.

The Karaoke Pod

Karaoke Pod at Rogue Bowling, Aylesbury | Free Time with the Kids

When Rogue first said they were opening a karaoke pod I did have visions of something similar to a photo booth stuck in the corner. Thankfully it’s nothing like that. The “pod” is actually a small room (former office I believe) that’s been set up with a very good karaoke system. There’s access to 80,000 songs of pretty much all genres, seating, props and a couple of microphones. It fits up to 8 people, and you wouldn’t be too squished if you had that many. There are various packages that you can book on their website, including 60 or 90 minute sessions. The packages include ones for families, groups, children’s parties and adult’s parties.

The Experience

Before you start you’re shown how to use the software and set up your own play lists. Then we were left to our own devices. You don’t have to worry about being overheard because you’re at the end of a corridor and the bowling alleys are pretty loud too.

The Karaoke layout | Free Time with the Kids

On most of the songs there are options for versions with and without backing vocals. TBH we chose ones with the vocals whenever possible and I suspect the quality of singing was vastly improved because of it! What my very own Aled Jones may lack in show stopping talent (obviously he is indeed highly talented though) he certainly makes up for it with his enthusiasm. He. Was. Loving. It. So was I. You can change things like pitch, echo and all kinds of stuff if you want to.

The software was fairly easy to use and self explanatory. I couldn’t see how to delete a song once you’d added it to your playlist though. When I accidentally added a dud that the kids hated I just skipped it instead.

There were a couple of songs we wanted that we couldn’t find, including Shake it off (which was ironic because one of the lines from the song is written on the wall). There was a good range, including some ones I wasn’t expecting like Lemon Tree. I may well have embarrassed the kids whilst singing along to that one!! Obviously karaoke classics like Bohemian Rhapsody are on there too. That was one of my favourites this afternoon.

Karaoke | Aylesbury
The props came in handy for Bohemian Rhapsody!

Kid friendly karaoke

Speaking of being embarrassed, karaoke really does emphasis the often slightly dodgy lyrics of a terrifying number of songs. When words like “boobies” flash up on the screen for a song your 9 year old son knows by heart, it really does stand out that the song mentions boobies. We all know Ed Sheeran sings about his smelly bedsheets, but somehow seeing it rather than just hearing it was more awkward. Well it was for me anyway.

Turns out one of the songs I chose had a slightly rude word in it that I hadn’t noticed before. They did ** it out and thankfully the boys didn’t question it. I assume they do that on all the songs. I was tempted to play Green Day’s Basket Case to double check, but decided against it in the end. They will be introduced to Green Day when they’re older, just not at 7 & 9. I don’t think they have any genuinely offensive songs on there, but I haven’t looked at the full list.

If you want to see the full list of songs you can download the free app and have a look. I highly recommend doing that before you go. We spent a fair old time trying to decide what songs we wanted to sing, and you want to make the most of the time you’re in there. (N.B. whilst the app is free and you can see the full song lists, if you want to actually see the lyrics you have to pay).

Our Karaoke Pod at Rogue Leisure Review

4.5 / 5 – Whilst I love a good sing along I’ve never been a fan of karaoke, purely because my previously-unrecognised-yet-incredible talent goes out the window when I’m singing solo in public. That’s what is so great about the karaoke pod at Rogue Leisure. It’s private. You don’t have to worry what the randoms at the bar think of you, you can just sing your little socks off without a care in the world. Unless your mates stick the videos on Facebook. It was really good fun and I’m already planning on going back with friends, when I will be able to sing along to Basket Case!

We were very kindly invited by Rogue Leisure to do a review of their karaoke pod but all thoughts are my own. Rogue Leisure have had no input into the content of the review and they did not see the review prior to publication.

Admission Cost

Prices start at £8 per child and £10 per adult with a minimum of three people.

The pod opens on the 20th December 2019 and bookings can be made now by phone. Online booking will be coming soon.


There is free parking on-site. It can get busy at weekends but there’s on street parking available then.




There is food available to order, and a bar. It’s actually very reasonably priced (as I discovered to my detriment when bowling with a group of friends recently! Ouch)

Karaoke Pod at Rogue Bowling, Aylesbury | Free Time with the Kids

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