Halloween educational activities box

The Halloween educational activities box from Home is where you start is is the second one that we’ve been gifted to try out. These are aimed at pre-school aged children and the box contains (almost) everything that you need to do four activities plus songs, games, recommended reading and other really useful tips. There’s one thing not included this month – an apple. Here’s what you get in the box;

Halloween educational activities | EYFS subscription boxes | Free Time with the kids

As I mentioned when we reviewed the dinosaur box, the book that comes with it really is where the value for money comes from. Obviously you can keep the book to use in the future. Although these activities are season specific, actually you can adapt them for the rest of the year as well. The glittery spider’s web activity could be done tracing any shape really. Surely witches make their potions throughout the year???

Halloween educational activities

The four educational activities that are included in the box are all based around the Halloween theme. This time there’s witches brew, pumpkin prints, sticky spider webs and a Halloween hat. The educational topics covered are maths, the natural world, PSED and arts. For each activity you’re not just told what to do. There’s details of any pre-prep that might be needed, there’s also ideas of how to extend the activity as well. A perfect example of this is the witches’ brew. We started off doing the activity, which Smallest Child loved. Then it ended up being a whole family role-playing game. By the end of the morning everyone was dressed up in impromptu costumes and the play kitchen had become a witch’s kitchen. I’d already made some Halloween crafts so we included them as props. We played that game for hours – and it all came from the one activity.

Halloween educational activities | EYFS subscription boxes | Free Time with the kids

The activities in this month’s box were a little bit messier than the ones in dinosaur box. That could be because glitter is involved in a couple of the activities. Glitter – the nemesis of parents across the world!!! Still, she loves it and I’m now going to have a sparkly face for the rest of my life!

Halloween educational activities | EYFS subscription boxes | Free Time with the kids

The Home is where your start is boxes are a fantastic educational activity box for EYFS / pre-school children. Mandy, who designs the boxes, has worked in childcare for over 30 years. She really knows her stuff. These boxes make helping children to learn through play really easy. You don’t have to think about anything – just follow the instructions and everything is in the box for you.

Don’t worry if you’ve missed the deadline

There is only a limited number of each box available BUT if you’ve missed out then you can still buy the book via their website. They’re £6 each and worth every penny. You can then just use your own resources to do the activities.


These educational activity boxes cost £14.50 each (including delivery). You can subscribe and get three consecutive boxes for £39.88 or six for £79.75. If you want to add in an additional set of resources to a box then you can for £6. Everything can be ordered through the Home is where your start is website

You can read my reviews of the dinosaur box here and the autumn box here.

Halloween educational activities | EYFS subscription boxes | Free Time with the kids

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