Lindengate Mental Health Charity Garden

I have parked in the car park of World’s End Nursery near Wendover, Bucks 100’s of times. I’ve seen the sign for Lindengate Mental Health Charity and their garden 100’s of times. I’ve wondered what it was loads of times, but it wasn’t until someone recommended that I check it out for myself that looked into what they’re all about some more. Hidden behind those boring looking fences is a little treasure!

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Lindengate Mental Health Charity

Before I review the garden I wanted to tell you a little bit about the Lindengate mental health charity itself. According to their website “Through nature based activities, including conservation, kitchen & formal gardening and nature based crafts and arts, we support anyone who may be living with common mental health challenges.”. They run a variety of different programs, including some for teenagers.

Each week they run Rest & Reflect drop-in sessions that anyone is welcome to join. Currently those sessions are on Monday from 9-12 and Tuesday/Friday/Saturday from 1-3pm. These sessions are free.

Lindengte Mental Health Charity Gardens, Wendover, Buckinghamshire | Free Time with the Kids

Rest and Reflect sessions

These are open sessions for anyone to visit, including with children, for some peace and quiet and to enjoy the gardens. There’s tons of seating everywhere so it’s also a nice spot to sit with friends and have a chat. I love my kids but, sometimes, they can be a bit like a bull in a china shop so I was a little bit concerned. I needn’t have been. It’s strange but as soon as we got there Smallest Child just naturally calmed down and, although she was excited about what she was seeing and chattering away, her volume was right down. It was like magic!

I’m not entirely sure if these sessions exist outside of covid times, but I really hope they do. It’s such a lovely garden and I could just imagine myself sitting there in the sunshine with a good book!

Lindengte Mental Health Charity Gardens, Wendover, Buckinghamshire | Free Time with the Kids

The gardens

The gardens hidden behind those fences are massive. 5 acres in fact. They’re separated into numerous little garden areas, usually around a theme. There’s also a couple of ponds, dozens of sheds painted like beach huts, fruit and veg patches and even a little wishing well. When we visited Lindengate mental health charity gardens there were also ducks and a rabbit. All over the gardens there were little sculptures and pieces of art hidden that Smallest Child loved hunting down.

Lindengte Mental Health Charity Gardens, Wendover, Buckinghamshire | Free Time with the Kids

Currently, because of covid, they have a one way system in place and mud meant that we had to stick to the footpaths so we didn’t get to see as much as we would have done at other times.

Throughout the gardens there’s information boards telling you (well the kids) about things in the gardens like plants and insect lifecycles.

Our Lindengate mental health charity garden review

I’m so pleased this place was recommended to us. It’s lovely. You won’t spend ages and ages here. We were there for about an hour but we could have stayed for longer if we were meeting someone. I also think we would have stayed for longer if the ground had been dryer and we could have explored more. Having looked at the website I think the kind of mental health support that Lindengate offers is really interesting. Visiting the gardens and making a donation helps to continue their work.

We combined our visit with a trip to World’s End nursery which has a nice cafe and a little under 5’s soft play area. You could also combine it with a walk around Weston Turville reservoir or try the Church Farm circular walk.

Admission cost

Free. Donations are very gratefully accepted

Parking / How to get there

There’s free parking in the car park for World’s End. As you look at the entrance to the garden centre you’re looking for the fencing on the left hand side of the car park.

Address – Lindengate, The Old Allotment site, next to Dobbies Garden Centre, Aylesbury Road, Wendover, Buckinghamshire, HP22 6BD


On-site. Currently these are closed due to covid.


There is no food or drink on site but there is a cafe in the main garden centre. You can also bring your own.

Lindengte Mental Health Charity Gardens, Wendover, Buckinghamshire | Free Time with the Kids

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