Rush High Wycombe Review

I was very kindly invited to do a review of Rush in High Wycombe, Bucks and we jumped at the chance! (See what I did there?!) They have recently opened up a new soft play area and that was the main reason for going, but we were also given passes for the trampoline park. I have reviewed the two separately and you can read the review of the soft play here. I said in a recent review that Clip ‘n’ Climb Bicester is good for the days when the kids are climbing the walls, well Rush High Wycombe is good for when they’re bouncing off the walls!!

August 2020 update – Rush High Wycombe has just reopened post lock-down and so we were invited back again to update the review about the new measures they have in place.

Although I was invited to visit with the kids, all thoughts are my own. Rush High Wycombe had no input in this review and did not see it prior to publication.

Safety First

Before you’re allowed to bounce you have to sign a waiver and watch a short safety briefing. To save time you can complete the waiver online (including from your phone) or they have terminals set up for you to use. You must wear some snazzy non-slip socks and they will not accept socks from other trampoline parks. If you’ve been before you can either bring your existing Rush socks or you can buy them for £2.25 per pair. There is a weight limit of 17.5 stone.

Under 4’s can only jump during toddler sessions, but siblings can also jump at the same time if you book into an open toddler jump.

Review update – Rush High Wycombe have now introduced an online check-in and waiver system. All the details are sent to you in your confirmation email.

Covid-19 updates

The majority of this review of Rush in High Wycombe is based on how things worked during our first visit. You know, in those days before anyone had heard of covid-19! Since this review we have returned to see what changes have been put in place. The game machines have been removed, there’s a limit on the number of people allowed to jump and watch, there’s hand gel everywhere and you’re all asked to maintain social distance. That is easier said than done when everyone is running around but they’re doing what they can. At the end of the day, it’s down to individual responsibility to maintain distance. Some areas of the park were closed but these will reopen when restrictions allow.

The Trampoline Park

Rush High Wycombe Review | Free Time with the Kids | Trampoline Park Buckinghamshire
Rush UK Trampoline Parks | Free Time with the Kids | Trampoline Park Buckinghamshire

I’d seen pictures of the trampoline park before visiting and it seemed massive. It’s actually smaller than I’d imagined but that’s far from saying it’s small. There is more than enough space for everyone. We first visited on a dreary Sunday morning and there were a LOT of people there, but it didn’t feel overcrowded. At no stage did we struggle to get onto any area we wanted to. If you’re not bouncing then there are plenty of seats in the arena for parents to supervise, or to have a well earned rest. There are plenty of lockers for you to store your stuff in. They’re all operated by a self selected four digit code so you don’t need to worry about taking coins with you.

The main park in High Wycombe is dedicated to trampolines (obviously). There are over 40 of different shapes and sizes. Some are curved up the wall, some have obstacles and some are really long. They are all really good fun! You are only allowed to have one person on each trampoline at a time. That was easier said than done with Smallest Child, but eventually she understood she couldn’t jump with Mummy or the boys.

The Other Facilities

As if bouncing around isn’t fun enough there’s more. Rush High Wycombe also have a couple of Dodgeball courts, an obstacle course, football court, battle beam, and foam pits. There are also arcade games and an advanced court for people who know what they’re doing. Being the good little reviewer / Mummy that I am I had to try them all out. Except for the obstacle course. I had a look at that but I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it with Smallest Child around, and Hubby was poorly, so I was flying solo. It looks quite difficult but good fun. The second time we visited Rush High Wycombe we did get the chance to go on the battle beam. I’m pleased to report that I thrashed both of the boys!!

Rush High Wycombe Review | Free Time with the Kids | Trampoline Park Buckinghamshire

They have now also got a wipeout zone and a drop slide. There are additional charges for these and they have to be booked in advance. It’s £2.50 for 2 drops on the slide and £10 for the wipeout zone.

Rush High Wycombe Review | Free Time with the Kids | Trampoline Park Buckinghamshire

The Football Court

Slightly hidden away down some steps at the side of the dodgeball court is an enclosed football court. It’s got three electronic targets each end and the aim is to kick the ball at these targets. All three kids enjoyed playing in here but I have to give a special shout-out to the bloke who was covering this bit. He was really good with Smallest Child, she kept throwing the ball at him and he kept throwing it back to her. I imagine this isn’t the most exciting part of the trampoline park to be responsible for but he was lovely. I couldn’t get her to leave in the end!! Sadly I didn’t get his name but thank you whoever you were.

The Dodgeball Courts

There are two separate courts and they’re closely monitored by staff. The rules for Dodgeball are on the side but people weren’t playing a proper game, we were all just messing around. You can hire the courts separately though if you want an actual game. My children are vicious and ganged up on me! Three on one isn’t exactly fair but I held my own! I have to say, because this is more contained it was the easiest bit to keep an eye on Smallest Child whilst still being able to play with the Boys. She was just playing with the balls whilst we were attempting to throw foam balls at each other. We spent quite a long time on here!

The Foam Pits

There are several different ways you can use the foam pits. There’s a couple of long trampolines for a running jump, a long drop off what’s essentially a static diving board, a drop down onto a trampoline to bounce in and the battle beam. Middle Child was fearless jumping off the board, but he was the only one to try it. It’s not excessively high but watching him did make me nervous. The running jump sections were hilarious apparently!

The Cafe and Spectators Area

You don’t have to jump and, if your kids are old enough, you don’t have to stay in the main arena. There is a cafe and spectators area on the first floor. From here you have a clear view of all the action.

In terms of price, the cafe is about what you’d expect it to be. I did feel the children’s meals were quite expensive though. For £6.50 you get 1/2 sandwich, Yo Yo Bear, Babybel, crisps, chocolate bar and carton/juice. I’d normally expect that to be closer to £4.50/£5. There’s a hot kids menus as well. It’s also £6.50 per meal with options including Hot Dog & chips, Spag Bol, Pasta & sauce and pizza. We had a ham and cheese panini (£4.50 each) and chips (£3). The food was freshly cooked and delivered quickly. The chips weren’t great but, let’s face it, you don’t go somewhere like this for the food. The panini was nice though.

Crush @ Rush High Wycombe Review

On a bit of a whim I decided we could get some ice cream before leaving. If nothing else, after all that hard work I deserved it. It looks really good. There’s a whole bank of Slush Puppy machines, they also sell ice cream, waffles and milkshakes.

It may look impressive but it was our least favourite part. First of all, I think the prices are a bit unclear. There’s a board that says 1 scoop of ice cream £1.99. I was asked if I wanted a tub or a cone. I ordered 4 ice creams and was charged £10.36. When I queried it I was told the cones are 60p extra. “Really?” “Well, it is on the board” came back the sarcastic mumbled reply. Looking again, yes it does say waffle cones are 60p. However that part of the sign is partially blocked when you’re at the till. Also, surely a cone is included as standard and a waffle cone would be an upgrade? Apparently it’s just the tub that’s standard.

We spoke to various members of staff whilst doing this review of Rush High Wycombe and every single one of them was friendly and helpful. Except for this guy. He might have just been having a bad day but he (literally) let the rest of the team down.

Update – on our second visit our visit to Crush was a much more pleasant experience. The bloke who served us was polite and helpful. We learned our lesson re the cones and just had ice cream in a tub!

Our Rush High Wycombe Review

We had a great time on both occasions that we’ve visited. It’s very good fun, generally well run and there’s decent facilities. Despite being busy when we visited the first time, it didn’t feel crowded. Our initial experience in Crush did let them down, but I’m pleased it was better the second time.

Admission cost

See their website for the full list of prices as they do vary by session, person and time. It’s cheaper to book online too. As a guide though a 60 minute family jump (4 people) is £43. Socks are £2.25 per pair, everyone must either buy on the day or bring an existing paid of Rush socks. Other socks will not be allowed.

You can buy combined tickets with the soft play area. For peak 60 minute toddler jump and soft play (+ free parent) it’s £17.50. For over 4’s it’s £16 and there’s no free adult.

Parking / How to get there

Address – Lexmark House, Cressex Business Park, Coronation Rd, High Wycombe HP12 3TZ

Parking – There is limited parking on-site but I imagine that fills up pretty quickly. At weekends the rest of the industrial estate is empty so people park in other spaces but during the holidays I guess people may struggle to park.


There are toilets, including nappy change, on site


You’re not allowed to bring your own food. There is a cafe on-site and an ice cream parlour but see comments above re both.

Rush High Wycombe Review | Free Time with the Kids | Trampoline Park Buckinghamshire

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