The British Museum

Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG

The British Museum is one of the truly great English museums. The building itself is amazing, and they have a huge range of exhibitions. The Egyptian exhibit is not to be missed and includes the famous Rosetta Stone. 

They have plenty of activities for children although it’s not the most hands-on of museums. A note of caution – most of the central area is devoted to shops and they’re all very open plan so it can be hard to keep the kids away from them!

In terms of access, there is plenty of space and it’s been redeveloped so there are no access issues. I did have an issue with figuring out how the lift at the front worked though! 

For security reasons your bags will be searched. At peak times this can cause a delay in getting in. 

Entry – Free, payments by donation

Parking – None on site. You’re best off travelling by tube. There are four tube stations near-by. Check out the website for more details. 

Toilets – Excellent facilities, including dedicated baby change, they can get busy so there can be a queue even when the museum itself isn’t busy.

Food – There is a cafe on site but there is also an area where you can eat your own picnic

Rating – 4/5

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