Milton Keynes Museum

McConnell Drive, Wolverton, Milton Keynes  MK12 5EL

I was pleasantly surprised by this place, I’m not sure what I was expecting. It’s bigger than I thought it would be and it covers so many different kinds of exhibit. There is a school room, a farmhouse kitchen, air raid shelter, a re-created high street, transport exhibit and connected earth exhibition.

The only issue I found what that, particularly during the busy holidays, getting around the house was nearly impossible and that leads onto much of the museum. The school room was the pinch point as everyone has to go through a narrow corridor between desks. They had various free craft activities going on in the school room which were lovely but it did mean that the parents were hanging around in the narrow aisle whilst their children created their masterpieces. They did have live science experiments going on which my eldest two thought were fascinating.

The kids also particularly enjoyed the Victorian street. There were too many questions about was it like that when I was a kid!!!??? (Thanks boys). I believe that during the winter they make it snow in here which is pretty cool.

This museum covers so many different parts of Milton Keynes’ history – walking between the different areas seems like you’re walking around different museums. There are plenty of hands-on exhibits which always goes down well with the kids. We spoke to several different room guides and they were all lovely. Within the house the demonstrations of the piano and various record players was fascinating. A particular highlight was the telephones display “connected earth” – do you remember the chameleon phone???? Oh, and they have a TARDIS.  

They are undergoing a £7.3 million expansion so it will be interesting to see all the new exhibits (have a look at

When we went it was on a chilly half term day. The cafe was busy so we had to sit outside. They did have a marquee set-up though for people to have picnics. I’m not sure if the outside tables were cleared, there was lots of trays left outside but it was busy so it could just be they hadn’t had time to clear them yet. There is also a picnic area available.

It is worth noting that at the back of the cafe there is an old printers. You can have a go at typesetting and printing. Given that most children have only ever known laptops and tablets it was a real eye-opener for my two.

Entry – £26 for a family ticket but valid for a full year. Blue Peter badge holders get in FREE

Parking – Free, on-site

Toilets – Yes

Food – Cafe on-site

Rating – 4 / 5. We’ll definitely be using our ticket to go back within the year.

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